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, mr. obama. >> hello, mr. romney. >> hello, mr. obama. you remember mr. obama, right? last week at the debate, mr. obama taught us all a new word. choke. mr. obama is the president of the united states. a very important job. you have to make big decisions and you're in charge of a lot of people for four years. >> mr. romney, i think you made a mistake. i think you mean eight years. >> you see, kids, mr. obama just did something called using your imagination. >> hello, mr. romney. meow. >> now, kids, don't be alarmed. this puppet isn't real. look. this is bill. he's a union worker. you pay him with your tax dollars so that can he crouch down with a sock in his hand and make silly voices. you disgust me. but before i go, remember, there's only one person in the world that's like you and that's you. people can like you exactly the way you are. but if they don't, then just pretend to be the sxabt opposite of what you are and then maybe they'll like you. >> but doesn't that undermine your original -- >> bill, you're fired. >> jimmy fallon. still ahead, why are you awake? your tweets,
for the next 29 days." (laughter) that's right, obama supporters, right now you're only logged on to his web site, facebook page, twitter feed, youtube channel, mobile app, pinterest board, tumblr, flickr, spotify, storify and ins gram. he needs you to commence! folks, i'm worried obama's followers are obsessive enough to pull this thing off. actually, i think they're obsessive-compulsive. how else could he have raised $181 million in donations last month-- 98% of which were under $250! clearly his followers click the "donate" button, touch all the doorknobs in their house, donate again, then recheck the doorknobs because last time they might have touched one of them in the wrong spot. (laughter) so for their own mental health i want to address all of the obama supporters out there. guys, the president's counting on you to be obsessive. so on november 6-you should definitely go vote after, of course, turning the light switch on and off five times instead of three, because i think that's why he lost the debate. (laughter) and before you leave for the poll, make sure your d.v.d.s are not only
cain. it was won by barack obama. mr. rove was right that night. that was game over for john mccain. by winning the great state of ohio, barack obama won the presidency. mr. obama closed off john mccain's path to the white house by taking that one giantly important swing state, and it was all over. in presidential politics ohio is a must-win. for republicans, winning ohio, it doesn't guarantee you will win the white house, it's not enough just to win ohio, obviously, but it is necessary to win ohio. if you lose that state, you will lose the presidency. it is the hinge, it is the glue for every republican presidential campaign in modern american history. losing ohio has meant losing the white house. in 2004 the democratic candidate john kerry -- you might remember this -- he did not concede on election night. john kerry and john edwards were waiting on results from ohio. when ohio went to president bush, the next day, the day after election night, that is when that race was over but not a minute before. ohio is that important in modern presidential politics. look at this, both the romney and oba
the convention? >> that's right. the good month that obama had had between the convention and the 47% tape, you're now seeing the race as close as it's been all year. i'm a little skeptical it's tied now based on the fact that obama still seems to have a lead in the majority of swing state polls that we have seen. but romney who looked like his campaign might be dead in the water, now it's very close. maybe the debate was the october surprise. although it wouldn't be the first time a challenger did well in the first televised debate. >> what about the size and the speed of the swings that you're seeing right now? what can you tell us about the volatility in the race compared to previous elections? >> there's a lot of disagreement on the turnout model. the gallup poll has 5 points better. others have that smaller. so it seems like obama would even today win an election if everyone registered to vote turned out or certainly all adults. but based on the republican enthusiasm advantage and some democrats feeling a little disupon dend after the performance in denver last week, th
. they is it this to president obama right before the debate. and they said, barack obama being an angry black man. >> obama: what is happening in new orleans? where's your dollar? where is your stratford act money? >> cenk: he wasn't an angry black man. everybody had seen that tape. but that wasn't the point. the point was to try to get president obama not to attack during the debate, and boy that worked beautifully. and with martha radis they don't think she's bias. the point is i better be easy on paul ryan otherwise they'll call me bias. then the third prong to the strategy. listen to what they say here. >> because they had such a bad debate that joe was just going to come flying at us. it seems clear that the new strategy is basically call us liars to descend down in a mud pit, and people will be demoralized and then they can win by default. do you get that? he knows he's about to lie in that debate over and over again just like in the convention speech. he says, i bet they call me liar, see that, they called me a liar. yes, because you're about to lie. they're going to preempt that. here is fox news c
if i get tax increases and obama care. >> all right. very good. thanks to cnbc's robert frank. appreciate it. >> thank you. >>> coming up on "kudlow," is there a romney landslide? the republican candidate pulls ahead of obama in the presidential race. mitt's pushing hard to peel back supporters from the president. and new numbers out tonight shows he's got obama on the run. all that is next up. [ horn honks ] hey, it's sandra -- from accounting. peter. i can see that you're busy... but you were gonna help us crunch the numbers for accounts receivable today. i mean i know that this is important. well, both are important. let's be clear. they are but this is important too. [ man ] the receivables. [ male announcer ] michelin knows it's better for xerox to help manage their finance processing. so they can focus on keeping the world moving. with xerox, you're ready for real buss. >>> welcome back to "the kudlow report." i'm larry kudlow. in this half hour, the benghazi gate cover-up is moving swiftly into the highest reaches of the state department and the oval office. now there's
't care, we won. what do liberals do, they said you're right we lost. >> president obama was not prepared for his huge debate. this isn't about left, right good or bad it's about coming to work to work. >> i think he was taken aback at the brazenness. >> i believe that mr. obama took a licking last night. the public knows that. he seemed not disinterested but uninterested. he looked as if he really would rather be somewhere else. >> when you've got to lead, try to sit on the ball in basketball and you've got the lead, when you play conservative, you often lose the lead. >> the president bizarrely just failed to show up. >> i'm showing you one of the strongest headline, a full banner based on giving it completely to romney last night. >> barack obama frankly went to sleep. >> when liberals, progressives, democratic say he lost the debate, we're being honest, because he did lose the debate, what you have is an avalanche of everyone in the media all saying at the same time over and over again, he lost, he lost, he lost here, watch. >> the worst performance you've seen in a presidential debat
reminding americans how much more so barack obama's costume right now neil: this just in, 10% more. the urban institute warning that is how much midsize companies will be paying at the present health care law is passing this year. well, it is sort of like the information we have been given about a coming into close he was right. the more we discover it and maybe regret it. premiums going up, and now likely for midsize businesses from going up a lot. we think of this? >> there is little question that we will see substantial increases in the cost of health insurance driven by many of the regulations that were put together. we are seeing tuitions going up for college students because of policies that have been implemented. we are seeing 23 million unemployed people and many others have just given up hope because of the president's policies. >> you know, even being an objective reader, from the perspective of a patient, most patients are neither left nor right. when you go see the doctor, you are desperate or inclined to hope that the doctor, regardless of political persuasion, says i
, between mitt romney and president obama about a woman's right to choose. the obama campaign is accusing governor romney of kind of having an etch a sketch moment again about his position. his stance on this because of a recent interview. take a listen. >> there is no legislature with regards to abortion i'm familiar with that -- would become part of my agenda. >> that was with the des moines register. is the romney campaign -- i know that they are trying to walk back this comment as they often do because -- sfamt saying mitt romney is pro-life and will probably be a pro-life president. when they have mitt romney giving interviews like that and then have to come out and do cleanup, does that show that there is a problem? to be a good liar, you have to have a good memory. you have to remember what you told people. is this problematic for the romney campaign? >> you have the obama campaign host a program called "this morning." this is a mitt romney and board room mode where he's trying to sell a certain plan to a certain audience. if you do look at his stances on abortion they do seem to h
. white women. right now, president obama gets a majority among white women here in the state of ohio. back in 2008, remember, senator obama won ohio then, he only got 47% of the white women vote. these are middle class women, a lot of them are working women, some of them have been laid off the last four years, some of them have had their husbands laid off the last four years. the 47% remark, i had a woman come up to me in michigan and talk about this, i met several in ohio today, it offended them. some have had to ask for food stamps or other government assistance over the past several years. it offended them and makes them think romney doesn't understand their every day struggles of getting the kids off to school, paying the bills. that is still a warning sign here. he's making progress but if i had to put one thing on a bill board and say to win the election, romney better learn to deal with this, it would be that. the blowback from the 47%, especially among middle class women. >> gloria, you say polls are showing suburban women are keyed to a romney win at this point. >> those are
on the right have been complaining that the major polling operation systematically favor barack obama. a guy set up a website called unskewedpolls.com and it purports to reveal and correct the bias he sees in political polling, so now that the polls seem to be swinging in mitt romney's favor, could it be because he did well in debate? actually, no. instead, the unskewed polls that the guy from the unskewed polls credits the change to, actually, to himself. he writes quote, i suggested last week that the pollsters will become more concerned about their credibility and would straighten up and fly right, so to speak. they have. sounds like everyone on all sides of the aisle needs to take a deep breath, get a little perspective. cornell belcher, as you heard from a moment ago, suggested we all wait awhile for the numbers to settle. ari fleisher last night told me he takes the latest good and bad news for his side with a grain of salt. >> the previous pew poll was ridiculous. it had a ten-point democrat turnout advantage. not going to happen. this one has a five-point republican advantage. as muc
in the narrative right after that debate. all of a sudden it's obama who has a thin agenda. it's all of a sudden obama who has suspect political skills. you were talking a little earlier about how you thought the big bird ad on the front of "the new york post" this morning, we see big bird behind the desk in a oval office. what a lame response that is. we talked to a lot of democrats who are worried about the uncertainty of the white house response coming out after this. back in 2008 david plouffe, then the campaign manager and now the senior adviser in the white house, he used to talk about bed wetters on the campaign and among democrats. a lot of moist sheets going into this next debate. i think we're going to talk about it later on the show. joe, up with a great column last night on politico, obama's rocky mountain horror show. making the point the biggest worry for democrats, should it be the president didn't look like he wanted to? >> the good news is he has two more bites at the apple and this could change quickly. >> make allen, with a look at the playbook. thanks so much. >> the paper se
their recipe and michelle obama's chock right chip cookies beat out ann romney's m & m treats. >> this is the way it looked last knight over the peninsula for almost an hour as one storm rolled through we had several more move through while were you sleeping overnight. yeah, it has been a very interesting last 6 to 8 hours. six strikes from our camera on the south bay bureau, i've seen five or six obvious the last couple of. -- six over the last couple of hours. let's take a look what the is going on as far as our tam cam dark out there, what the clouds doing? we can see one shower near alpine road, portola valley could be near new four to five minutes. hey hay about half hour or so you could have a few sprinkles. as far as what is going on, you can see storms are rotating still out to the northwest, lightning less prevalent, radar returns less prevalent, i think like yesterday, we are going to get a lull during the morning into the mid-afternoon then heating of the day will destabilize the atmosphere and more storms this afternoon. if you are stepping out dress for four -- 45
? president obama cannot afford to have -- >> that's just one poll. >> sorry? >> right. that's in the cnn poll. but there are a lot of other polls out there. we feel good about where we are on the ground, particularly in ohio. as a result of what the president did on the auto bailout, let's remember, mitt romney opposed that. what we've done to increase opportunities for kids to get education, let's remember mitt romney wants to cut that. so at every turn, you know, the president is moving america forward, including ohio forward. mitt romney wants to take us back. >> you guys decided that the best line of defense was attack after debate and say basically yes, mitt romney had a good debate but it was all a pack of lies. and he actually responded to the main lie allegation which is this thing that he's going to be apparently charging a $5 trillion tax cut to the american people, and you've got a -- not personally by name, but we now know it was you. let's just play a clip of this and see what your reaction is. >> well, actually, the president's charge of a $5 trillion tax cut is obviously inaccu
. the right tape is the obama attack ad where he goes through these terrible people and you end up with big bird and he's wrecking your life, blah, blah, blah. my argument with that is that it just seemed very trivial. of all the things to now go after mitt romney about, big bird? we've got it now. let's watch it. >> bernie madoff. ken lay. you agree with it or not it's a reasonable point to make. but going after him in the wrong way. if i was going after mitt romney and i was a democrat president right now, i would be going after him hard and serious about his plan to get america back to work, his plan to revive the economy, the tax plans at the moment have no real beef to them. >> i think you're exactly right. a lot of republicans look at that and they say keep doing that, because they're going to lose. i think the obama campaign really doesn't have a message right now. they've tried contraception, they've tried fuzzy math, they tried mitt romney's just lying. they're really grasping at straws for just anything and this big bird ad is just the latest. i think let them keep doing that, bec
states won by president obama in 2008 and take a look at this. right now, governor mitt romney is actually leading the president of the united states by two points. 49-47%. with those swing states, i'm talking about colorado, florida, iowa, michigan, nevada, new hampshire, north carolina, ohio, pennsylvania, virginia and wisconsin. >> brian: why do they think a combined battle ground state poll even matters is crazy because the president still is doing fine in new hampshire where he's now trail not guilty ohio. he's trailing in ohio and north carolina and struggling in florida and virginia, but he's doing better in nevada. so why combine all those? it makes no sense because each one of them is a separate game. >> gretchen: it is, but i guess it shows that these are the states that will ultimately make the decision, right or wrong, the way the electoral college works. these are the states that are electrical to where the candidates are going now for the next 20 some days before the election. speaking of that, who was in ohio yesterday? we haven't seen him out on the campaign tra
. >> that wasn't the right tape. the right tape is the obama attack ad where he goes through these terrible people and you end up with big bird and he's wrecking your life, blah, blah, blah. my argument with that is that it just seemed very trivial. of all the things to now go after mitt romney about, big bird? we've got it now. let's watch it. >> bernie madoff. ken lay. dennis kozlowski. criminals, gluttons of greed and the evil genius that towered over him? one man has the guts to speak his name. >> big bird. >> it's me, big bird. >> big, yellow, a menace to our economy. mitt romney knows it's not wall street you have to worry about. it's sesame street. >> rick, you see, if i was on your side, i would be like i would welcome this. it looks unpresidential, a bit silly, a bit school play ground, latching on one quite light-hearted although it had a good point to it, i thought the pbs point romney made, whether you agree with it or not it's a reasonable point to make. but going after him in the wrong way. if i was going after mitt romney and i was a democrat president right now, i would be g
night laughs. >> mr. romney. >> hello, mr. obama. you remember mr. obama, right? last week at the debate mr. obama taught us a new word. choke. what brings you to the neighborhood today? >> well, since my sleepy performance at the debate, mr. romney, my wife michelle has insisted that i pick up some new job skills. so i'm now a mailman part-time. and, oh, look here, special delivery, october jobs report, and the unemployment numbers are down. so in your face. >> that's just wonderful. did you know mr. obama is the president of the united states? it's a very important job. you have to make big decisions and you're in charge of a lot of people for four years. >> mr. romney, i think you made a mistake, i think you mean eight years. >> you see, kids, mr. obama just did something called using your imagination. >> actually, if you take a look at the polls, you will see a number of the key states -- >> all he's missing is the sweater. "early start" continues right now. >>> it came without warning. riveting new details of the attack in libya that killed a u.s. ambassador. a different story than
're lying, what will he do in the next debate? >> right. there's the risk. in a town hall setting and obama happens to be better at relatings with one on one than mitt romney is but he goes in one down having lost the first debate. does he get aggressive with mitt romney? try to fight him point by point and seem like the bummer in the room and mitt romney smiling and be at ease like he was at the debate and the primary debates for anyone watching. and so that's a real risk for him. how aggressive can he be in that setting and really start using words like, you know, falsehood or lie? that's really a risk for the president and i think what he needs to learn about the last debate is mitt romney characterized in the ads early on and successful and saw the lead for the president because he defined him so early as an out of touch rich guy to leave the middle class for dead. that's not the mitt romney that people just tuning in just saw and that's why the lead of obama is fragile. he needs to work hard to get that back defining the differences between them without attacking so much. >> a.b. a lot
. >> it seems like you are fired up and ready to go, right? >> in 2008, barack obama won virginia by 235,000 votes. the first lady says that is as little as 100 votes per presixty. >> that precinct. >> a single vote in an apartment building. >> at this rally in loudoun county, there were four people who spoke before michelle obama and they were all women. you can bet that's no accident. >> the very first bill he signed into law as president was to make sure women get equal pay for equal work. >> lisa and her little daughter will be following the first lady's instructions by encouraging others to vote. >> we go to a reading group, all women, great time to talk to women about the issues of being a mom and how barack obama is pushing womens issues. >> there are so many signs that we are headed in the right direction. the stock market has doubled. housing prices are rising. the unemplis the lowest it's been since my husband took office. >> the first lady told these virginia voters, you are the key. >> we need you to work like you've never worked before. >> the voter registration de
tell them what their costs are going to be in relation to those two laws. and i think he is right. the obama administration is sitting on the peoples backed. gerri: jump in, i hear this from so many people. i don't know what i can do, i don't know if i can higher, everything is uncertain. do you think that is what is keeping a lid on this economic growth in this country? >> i think the economic uncertainty -- the uncertainty of the obama regulatory regime. it is also the threat of tax hikes. 93% of jobs in the small-business sector are employed by family businesses that are making more than $250,000 per year. all those tax hikes that obama is talking about, on average people, are we going to be hit by small businesses. you have all of these people that are hiring all these people, and it they have costs that are going up in terms of obamacare, they have to cut back on something. it's probably going to be on jobs. that is why earns young said obama tax increases are real. gerri: the president throwing up his hands and say that you cannot change washington from the inside. chris chr
.gnman and president obama right now is working hard and has been working hard to push regionalism over the top in ohio and there are really two parts to the plan. one is a rare and controversial practice called rna t se sng athehe s giurrc srb ckig cof their ta receipts, which is then given over to cities. so if you're in a suburb and you've passed a special tax for schools, a lot of that could be taken, grabbed and sent over to the citi to bail them t. sve: d rionaas inub ta t tialit rna thing, if you are out in the suburbs and you need to build something, but if the city kind of is eyeing your dough, they could put the coo bash on a project, right? >> tt'righ isenslo he rna onomic development in the suburbs to force it back in the cities. both of these things were close to passage in 2009-2010 and right now in some very specific ways, barak obama is working to push them over the top in oio if he get a son tm. tean traho rbrondld pes nd u in halting development of highways to the suburbs. you wouldn't think the president of the united states would actually be talking about anything like that, right
, romney was criticized for his initial response. he had a very partisan critique of obama right in the middle of the unfolding of events. then he backed off as critical. he did not really suggest anything in particular that he would do differently with regard to what is clearly a very unstable situation. that being said, i think the caller reflects an important point of view that is out there and one that obama and romney to reflect, which is the questions about al qaeda and u.s. national security is really what american voters do care about. they may be less concerned about what is happening with the new constitution in tunisia and it is an important moment. but they are certainly concerned if the instability of this upheaval gives rise to new governance. which allows al qaeda before us. arguably, that is exactly what has happened in benghazi and parts of libya. libya is a new semi- failed state. it doesn't have this. on the specifics of the incident, there isn't a official investigation underway, the state department has launched an official accountability review board. early
's question, who has the advantage in the race right now? text a for president obama and b for mitt romney to 622639. you can also go to our blog. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. i'm joined by eugene robinson, msnbc analyst. also with us tonight is joan walsh, editor at large for salon.com and author of the book "what's the matter with white people?" eugene, you first. this poll shifting, this pickup by mitt romney, is this all a result of what happened last week in the debate? >> basically, yes. look, it seems to be significant enough shift that you have to figure there was some sort of demand behind it. there must have been some percentage of people who were wondering -- who were waivering and wondering if maybe didn't think mitt romney had it in him and he proved to them, at least to their satisfaction during the debate, that he did. he kind of made himself eligible to be president for more people than he was eligible before. and that's a significant move in this race. >> joan, what's your calculation on what's unfolding here? liberals think the sky is falling. >> they
the right chant ought to be for them, four more weeks, four more weeks. and with an audience like this -- >> four more weeks! four more weeks! >> president obama fired back in a campaign event at ohio state university. >> that is not change, that is a relapse. we have been there. we have tried that. we are not going back. we are moving forward and that's why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states. >> joining me now from the obama campaign, deputy campaign manager stephanie cutter. welcome, stephanie. >> thank you, piers. >> everyone seems to agree that your boss had a very bad debate. what i haven't heard yet from anybody inside the campaign is why. why did he do so badly? >> well, you know, piers, i don't think he did that badly. >> really? >> i think that we were all a little taken aback by mitt romney's performance and mitt romney had a great performance. but that's just what it was, it was a performance. he didn't stick to any of his policies that he's been running for on the campaign trail, and you know, i think that that's not the mitt romney we expe
of all polls show mitt romney taking a .7% lead on president obama. the race was this tight a month ago. right after the republican national convention and right before the democratic national convention. we have been here before. the race has followed this pattern for awhile. when mitt romney makes gain, the polls tend to show the candidates tied. but if you listen to right-wingers like ann colter, this race is already over. >> i think it is over. the reason i think it's over, of course, i thought it was over last week and the week before. romney is going to win. the reason he's going to win is this was the most-watched debate since 1980 when ronald reagan ran against carter and there was only one debate that year. >> fox news is pulling out all the stops. check out the electoral prediction map fox trotted out today. look at the red states. they gave mitt romney solid democratic states like new mexico and pennsylvania. really? polls should be a snapshot of the current state of the race and there's no doubt mitt romney is benefitting from his debate performance last week. but over "the
the president by just three there as well now in a new epic-mra poll, obama, 48%, romney, 45%. we'll be right back. boy, they are close. >>> we're back. throughout this election year we've watched president obama and governor romney's campaigns carefully craft a message on who exactly their candidate is and what makes them tick. well, a pbs frontline documentary airing tonight is breaking through the talking points to find out what made these two presidential candidates the men they are in the words of their friends, family, enemies, and the reporters who have covered them. let's watch. >> he is a pragmatic business person. he's a guy who likes to take apart a problem and figure out how to get it fixed. >> barack obama is a fascinating mixture of boldness and caution but then once he makes a decision, it's usually the bold one. >> mitt romney has been accused of flip-flopping, but on mormonism he will never flip-flop. >> and yet in politics he has often tried to keep that part of him behind the curtain. >> the backlash against his presidency must be mystifying to him because he genuinely does
. we'll be right back. [ barack obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] he says... president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. [ female announcer ] but this is what the budget plan mitt romney supports actually does. more huge tax breaks skewed to the wealthy. while cutting nearly eight hundred billion from medicaid... even though middle-class families rely on medicaid to help loved ones cover nursing-home care. and it helps parents support children with disabilities. if mitt romney really "cares," wouldn't we see it in his priorities? >>> the as stave off elimination by beating the tigers 2-0 in oakland. the as got what would prove to be the game-winning hit in the first inning. detroit leads the series 2-1. >>> the giants also live to see another game. a pass ball by cincinnati helped set up the winning run and reds still lead the series two games to one. >>> to football now and most of redskins fans and most of america saw this coming. the team released kicker billy cundiff and signed kai forbath. cundiff had made
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